Some Compelling Reasons Not to Give Up on Solving Climate Change

Reports that say we’re all doomed in the face of the climate crisis ignore a history of survival—and the opportunity to make the future better.
Shayla Love
Games News

How to Run 'Doom' on an NES

With a clever bit of modding the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System from 1983 can run a 3D FPS from 1993.
Emanuel Maiberg

Collector Finds Cellebrite iPhone Data Transfer Tool at Thrift Store, Promptly Installs ‘Doom’ on It

Add Cellebrite's UME Touch to the long list of devices that can run 'Doom.'
Matthew Gault
Games Podcasts

'Rage 2' Just Makes Us Want to Play 2016's 'Doom' Again

And dang, we have some opinions about 'Final Fantasy VII.'
Patrick Klepek
To Hell And Back

The Metal Albums That Are Going to Get Us Through 2019

A look at some of the metal world's most anticipated releases, plus killer new tunes from Jucifer, Devil Master, Mar, Sanhedrin, and more!
Kim Kelly
To Hell And Back

Noisey's Year in Metal 2018

Noisey metal editor Kim Kelly shares her Best of 2018 list, reflects on the past year in metal, and looks to the struggles ahead.
Kim Kelly

Turn Your House into a DOOM Level with a Roomba

These free and unofficial tools turn the Roomba 980 into a DOOM wad-making machine.
Samantha Cole

John Romero Is Releasing a New Chapter of 'Doom'

The 'Doom' co-creator is back with a free 'spiritual successor' to the classic demon-slaying shooter.
Jordan Pearson

One Designer's 15-Year Journey to Ship The 'Doom' Mod He Started as a Teen

At 14 years old, 'Total Chaos' was an experiment. By 2018, Sam Prebble was haunted by an attempt to push, pull, and break John Carmack's engine in ways it was never intended.
Patrick Klepek
To Hell And Back

Halloween Is for Heavy Metal Lovers

Whether you're gore-obsessed or looking to haunt a London dungeon, Halloween belongs to the heshers (also, check out new tunes from Without, Northumbria, Integrity, Druj, and more!).
Kim Kelly

Ursa's Members Went from DIY Darlings to Doom Dragonslayers

The trio behind prog-black metallers Cormorant started a new traditional doom band. Stream their wizard-bearded debut ‘Abyss Between the Stars’ now.
Alex Deller
To Hell And Back

Fuck Nazi Metal Sympathy

On North Jersey's Nazi metal problem, and those fighting for a better scene (plus new tunes from Holy Grove, Glacial Tomb, Pijn, and more).
Kim Kelly