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Doug Ford's Influencer Daughter Promoted Illegal Cannabis Oil on Instagram

It seems Kyla Ford did not listen to her father's public warnings about the sale and promotion of illegal drugs.


Sadly, There Are No 'Free Weed' Garbage Bins at Toronto's Airport

At the end of the day though, cannabis disposal containers are some of the only places in Ontario that actually have weed.


Why CEOs Love Basic Income

CEOs are asking Ontario's conservative government to stop the cancellation of an ongoing basic income pilot. Basic income is conservative, the open letter's co-author says, and sadly, he's right.


Microsoft Quietly Piloted a Conservative Political Ad on Xbox

Microsoft says it sought input from players and decided to remove the ad for conservative Canadian politician Doug Ford that appeared on the Xbox dashboard in June.


Conservatives Just Killed Canada's Basic Income Pilot

Ontario Premier Doug Ford's administration cancelled the basic income pilot on Tuesday, which was supposed to run for three years and gave participants a monthly no-strings-attached support payment.


Ontario is going to privatize weed sales

Sources told VICE News Doug Ford is scrapping the LCBO-monopoly previously planned by the Liberals.


Doug Ford, Canada’s Version of Trump, Is Waging His Own War on the Environment

Doug Ford is already cutting the GreenON fund, and said that the cap-and-trade program will be his first priority as premier of Ontario.


Doug Ford Isn't Canada's Version of Trump

Ford has lots in common with the president, but this isn’t Trumpian-populism. This is entirely a made-in-Canada production.


The Six Wildest Accusations from the Lawsuit Against Doug Ford

Rob Ford’s widow, Renata Ford, is suing Doug and Randy Ford, saying they’ve cheated her and her kids out of millions.


We Talked to the Director Whose New Movie Has Left Rob Ford's Family Furious

'Filth City' filmmaker Andy King talks about Toronto's strange times, being called a "scumbag" by Doug Ford, and the everlasting legacy of the late mayor.


Rob Ford’s 22-Year-Old Nephew Is Taking Over His Council Seat

Ford Nation has a younger, kinder face.


In Photos: The Late Rob Ford Gets a Big 'Ford Nation' Send Off

Last week, former Toronto mayor Rob Ford died after a long battle with cancer at the young age of 46. He left behind a loyal army of followers, known locally as Ford Nation.