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Unbelievable Van Gogh Lookalike Gets His Own Bronze Statue

Artist Douglas Coupland was looking to immortalize the famous carrot-top in bronze—the model he found will blow your mind.


Cheat Facebook’s Facial Recognition Tool at the De-Recognition Photobooth

Douglas Coupland’s photobooth will throw Facebook off your trail—for now.


Black Goo, the Environment, and the End of the World

Douglas Coupland looks to the past to find an answer for the impending environmental apocalypse of the extreme present.


Author Douglas Coupland on Growing Up Drug-Agnostic in a Global Pot Capital

Everyone has a drug story, even if it's about how they don't do drugs.


Author Douglas Coupland on Greece, Utopias, and the Curse of Leisure

Until recently Greeks were able to spend their days doing nothing, which was nice; now they have to spend their days with nothing to do, which is scary.


A Conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist, Douglas Coupland, and Shumon Basar

We talked to the curator, author, and writer about their new philosophy book "The Age of Earthquakes," FKA Twigs, and Generation Z's perception of time.


If There's No #Artselfie, You Never Saw the Art

As part of their Follow Me series, which examines digital phenomena, Paris-based publishing house Jean Boîte joined forces with New York-based collective DIS and put together a compendium of #artselfies taken from social media.


Yes, The #Artselfie Is Getting Its Own Book

The new book from DIS and Jean Boîte Éditions explores the cultural relevance of taking self-portraits in front of art.


A JPEG Interview with Douglas Coupland

Author Douglas Coupland is pretty tired of email interviews, and who can blame him? To keep things fresh, Nadja Sayej interviewed him with JPEGs of handwritten questions, and Douglas responded in kind.