Myth Understood

How Female Vampires Sucked the Patriarchy Out of Pop Culture

From 19th century Irish literature to "Buffy," the vampiress has been redefining "acceptable womanhood" for centuries.
Christobel Hastings

Meet the People Who Want to Fuck Venom

And it has nothing to do with Tom Hardy.
Luke Winkie
Love, WTF?

Winona Ryder Is the Queen of Misfit Teenage Romance

Channeling goth ennui and doe-eyed sweetness, Winona shaped an entire generation's idea of unconventional love. We look back at her most iconic romantic roles that leave us clamoring "Wino Forever."
Abbey Bender

'Nosferatu' Gets Re-Animated as an Allegory for the Immigration Crisis

Filmmaker Andrea Mastrovito turns the iconic film ‘Nosferatu’ into an animated metaphor for modern times.
DJ Pangburn

How to Eat Like Count Dracula in Transylvania

Dracula's supper of choice is not usually available even to humans with an adventurous palate, but you can try the next best thing at vampire-inspired restaurants in Transylvania—now in present-day Romania.
Aaron Kase

Looking Back at 'Dracula's Daughter,' the 1936 Monster Movie That's Really About Love and Lesbians

Though forgotten to many, Bela Lugosi's <i>Dracula</i> had a follow-up, a sequel of sorts, that was not only quite romantic, but romantically progressive in that it used vampirism as a conceit to explore homosexuality in the 30s.
Colin Fleming

Listen to 'MUNCHIES: The Podcast' with Batman, the Guy Saving Your Tequila

When legendary bat conservationist and scientist Rodrigo Medellín isn’t wading through guano in caves, he’s helping save the blue agave, and your glass of tequila. I sat down with him to find out why and how he's pulling this off.
Helen Hollyman

RIP Sir Christopher Lee

The legendary actor died on Sunday at the age of 93.
Oscar Rickett
In Memoriam

The Journey Ends Here: Bidding Farewell to Sir Christopher Lee, Heavy Metal's Champion

Paying our respects to the musical legacy of this revered British actor, author, singer, and metal fan.
Noisey Staff

Nearly 80 Years Later, Orson Welles's 'Dracula' Is Still a Scary, Sexualized Masterpiece

The legendary director&#39;s audio staging of Bram Stoker&#39;s &#39;Dracula&#39; is a horrific, lusty, transcendent live wire of sound, still modern today.
Colin Fleming
the real

The Real 'True Blood'?

Father Sebastiaan works in the vampire community of Louisiana, fitting fangs and throwing modern-day vampire balls where would-be Draculas party and sip blood.
VICE Staff
New music

Ironhawk And Dracula Are The Darkest Mofo's At Dark MOFO

These two local Tasmanian bands make the Apple Isle a bit more rotten.
Daniel Stewart