'Pillbug Goes to the Bar,' Today's Comic by Allison Conway

Millie, the pillbug, learns the perfect trick to ward off aggressive bugs when they try to hit on her.


Why Can't I Stop Laughing at This Lenny Kravitz Parody Video?

"Weird Al" Yankovic skipped parodying "Fly Away" back in 1998, so avid YouTuber Neil Cicierega has taken a stab it now. In 2014. It's mainly focused on Kravitz's obsession with dragonflies and Milky Way bars.


Dragonflies Are Really Good Hunters, Not Drones

Calling the modern dragonfly "nature's drone" is a cute, timely analogy. Too bad it hits far off the mark. If anything, the only prevailing link between those winged insects and, say, the Predator drone, is the word "predator." Here's why.