The Rundown

What's Next After Senate Democrats End Government Shutdown Without DACA Deal

As liberals blast Chuck Schumer for leaving a DACA decision open, the fate of the program lies with Mitch McConnell's GOP.
Impact Staff
Rise Up

DACA Deadline Pits Trump Against Democrats in Major Showdown

Hundreds of thousands of Dreamers wait anxiously as partisan politics leave lives in the balance.
Emily Weitz

How It Feels to Be a Once-Undocumented Immigrant Fighting for the DACA Bill

We are asking all DREAMers and allies to help us mount public pressure in what may be our last chance before DACA is repealed to help protect our friends and families.
Tereza Lee
The Rundown

We Spoke to the Jailed Activists on Hunger Strike to Protect DACA

Activists launched an all-out effort demanding that elected officials pass a clean DREAM Act.
Impact Staff
On Edge

Dreamers Are Not Safe Online

After the Department of Homeland Security rescinded DACA in September, some dreamers are trying to balance digital privacy with a desire to connect with others.
Caroline Haskins
The Restless Youth Issue

This Undocumented Immigrant Is Fighting Back Against Trump

Justino Mora is battling Trump one app at a time.
Keegan Hamilton
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump revokes protective guidelines for trans students, top White House officials to meet Mexican president, new space discovery said to be our best bet for alien life, and more.
VICE Staff
election 2016

Why This Bernie Staffer Wants the Latino Community to Vote for Hillary

"Muslims, Mexicans, and women are going to be at the front line when it comes to having to deal with the mess of a Trump administration."
Gabby Bess

It Sucks to Be Undocumented When You're an Average Student

There are two narratives about undocumented youth in the United States: criminals, or university-bound valedictorians. So what if you're just a middle-of-the-road undocumented teen?
Melissa Pandika

Coming Out as an Undocumented Immigrant in the Age of Trump

Despite the promise of new federal protections, many undocumented immigrants are afraid to disclose their status to anyone. With the looming possibility of a Trump presidency, things are becoming even worse.

Talking to Deported Immigrants Through the Fence at the US/Mexico Border

Between immigration stories blaring on the news and hostile protests in border towns, it can be easy to forget that the immigrants who have traveled to America are actual human beings.
Shanrah Wakefield