Dream Daddy

Romance in games

We're Living in a Golden Age of Romance Games

Because it's nice to have all kinds of fantasies.
Miellyn Fitzwater Barrows
The Pantheon of Games

Patrick Klepek's Top 10 Games of 2017

2017 was a year of bullshit. But it was ALSO a year of sad robots, horrifying monsters, and chicken dinners.
Patrick Klepek

We Discuss Games That Only Appeared on Our GOTY List, Not Anyone Else's

From anime dads to 'Prey,' Waypoint's staff loved a lot of different games in 2017.
Patrick Klepek

2017's Queer Game Characters Gave Me Hope

From 'Prey' to 'Butterfly Soup' to 'Dream Daddy,' queer characters showed up and made 2017 a little more tolerable.
Danielle Riendeau

We Discuss the Games That Narrowly Missed Our GOTY Lists

In a year full of incredible games, this list was extremely long.
Patrick Klepek
Cold Takes

I Know We've All Moved On But I Can't Stop Thinking About 'Daddy'

In 2017, two full years after everyone finished discussing the concept of "daddy," I had to wonder: What makes someone daddy?
Gabby Bess

We Discuss 'Dream Daddy' Heartbreak, August Game Releases on Waypoint Radio

With Danielle and Rob out, it's the Austin and Patrick show today.
Patrick Klepek

We Asked the 'Dream Daddy' Creators About the Game's Rumored 'Dark Twist'

"Dream Daddy" has received wide acclaim for its nuanced treatment of its LGBT characters—but some users discovered a disturbing storyline in the game's source code. We talked to the creators about the backlash, and whether the "dark twist" exists at all.
Steven Blum
Dream Daddy

In a Shitty World, 'Dream Daddy' Works Because It's Genuinely Wholesome

Earnest games are IN.
Kate Gray
Dream Daddy

One of 2017’s Most Touching Games is a Hilarious Dad Dating Simulator

'Dream Daddy,' a game about men awkwardly getting to know one another, uses humor to tell real stories about masculinity and parenting.
Patrick Klepek

It's All About Dad Dating Simulators and 'Pyre' on Waypoint Radio

Dads? Check. Daddies? Check. A new game from the developers of 'Bastion' and 'Transistor'? Check.
Patrick Klepek
Internet Exploring

Indie Isn't Dead… It's Dad!

You only need to look around to see the signs.
Ryan Bassil