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Inside the Boutique that Transforms Girls into Princesses

Ten years after the opening of Disney's first Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, we take a look inside the salon known for transforming kids ages three to 12 into young royalty.


Why MLB's Attempt to Curb Hazing Is Misguided

Former major leaguer Dirk Hayhurst explains why MLB's new rule to stop veterans from dressing rookies up as women won't do anything to promote understanding.


These Dogs Have Better Halloween Costumes Than You

GIFRIENDS captured some of the chaos at both Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade and the PUPkin Dog Costume Contest in Fort Greene.


Halloween Is Fine

Like most reasonable people, I do not love Halloween, but I'm not such a spoilsport as to hate it, either.


What the Hell Happened at Australia's Dart Tournament Riot?

On Saturday night, a couple of hundred people rioted at Melbourne's Darts Invitational Challenge.


You Can Undress the Models in This Fashion Shoot

Or dress them up. Whichever you'd prefer, really. It's like the 2014 version of those sticker books where you could take people's clothes on and off. This is way better, because you won't leave the stickers on the carpet and get them all linty.


Tuck It All in There

I wanted to get closer to latex’s special type of power, so I followed it to its source—Japaratinga, Brazil. There I met Willi Graber, a Swiss fetishist who established the communal kink-factory of his dreams in a beachside jungle, just an hour's drive...


Hangin’ Out in My Funderwear

I am usually a pretty heteronormative kind of guy, especially when it comes to undergarments. I buy boxers from the dollar store in packages of six and refuse to purchase additional pairs.


Oh Daphny!



The Kids In Chapultepec Park

Mexico City's busiest park is host to all sorts of street performers, vendors, buskers, and hustlers.