dressing up


The Joy of Cross-Dressing for the First Time

"Cross-dressing keeps me sane. My female part is always with me, even when I dress like a man."
Leafhopper Project (David Simón Martret y Blanca Galindo

Interviews with Adorable Cosplaying Couples

You know it's real when the two of you are willing to spend hours on a pair of elaborate costumes and parade around in them at the local convention center.
Tom Usher, Photos: Jake Lewis

Photos of the Freaks and Weirdos Riding the NYC Subway on Halloween

For many, Halloween in New York City is a bigger deal than Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Kwanza, Easter, Fourth of July, and their own birthdays and anniversaries combined.
Chris Nieratko
the hidden language

The Hidden Language of Cosplayers

From "base" to "mod" to "crossplay."
Nat Towsen

We Visited the Clothing Store in Kosovo That's Dedicated to Hillary Clinton's Style

The store is called Hillary, it's near Bill Clinton Boulevard, and it's packed full of pantsuits.
Petra Živić

LARPers Have Created a Real Hogwarts School in Poland

​A video shot last month near Czocha, Poland, shows about 190 pointy-hatted Potterites commandeering a castle for the world's largest J. K. Rowling–themed live-action role-playing adventure.
Mark Hay

Glitter Beards, Cleavage, and Gender Fucking: A Day with London's Female Drag Queens

"Who the fuck says drag is owned by men?... We're post-gendered drag. It's not important to me what someone's birth or perceived gender is—it's gender illusion and performance."
Holly Falconer and Nell Frizell

Redface Is Just as Offensive as Blackface

Members of the Native American community are once again reminding the public that wearing a headdress is no more acceptable than dressing up in a sombrero, a yarmulke, or a hijab.
Jennifer McCartney

The Peckham Sapeurs

Meet the sharpest dressers you'll see south of the river in London.
Tom Johnson

Cosplay Is Not Consent: Exploring the Dark Side of Adult Dress-Up

The cosplay scene has its fair share of problems, including more and more reported incidents of sexual harassment and assault. We talked to a cosplay enthusiast to remind you that women in costume still deserve respect.
Jess Linde
The Fashion Issue 2010

The General Of Milan

Il Generale is a 50-year-old man whom a lucky tram rider might spot one day dressed as an ancient Egyptian scribe and the next as an infantryman in the Imperial German Army.
Serena Pezzato, Photos: Lele Saveri