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Shirtless Justin Trudeau Shows Canada Still Has a Cool Dad

Those near-perfect abs are a powerful statement on who we think we are.


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The Fog of Avalon: Canada’s Most Bizarre Electoral Race

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In Defense of the Terrible Canadian Senate

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How to Drink Outdoors Like a True Canadian

Whether you call 'em bush parties in the West or field parties in the Maritimes, there's a certain finesse to getting turnt up in the great outdoors.


How the Hell Did a Left-Wing Party Suddenly Win an Election in Alberta?

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Undergrads Today Are the Worst: A TA's Confession

More and more, college students are showing up to class like it's a business transaction and don't think very much about the bigger questions.


How to Speak, Drink, and Fight Like a Newfoundlander

Put a bunch of sailors on a cold rock in the middle of the ocean, make them really poor, give them lots to drink and not too many jobs, wait a few centuries, and you'll have a pretty good idea of what Newfoundland is like.