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Is Unknown T UK Rap’s Next Big Thing?

His breakout song was drill but "Throwback" leans into UK garage. Is he the next star UK rap star in waiting?
Ryan Bassil
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Right, Here's Chief Keef Playing Three Songs with a Goddamned Orchestra

Keef played "Faneto," "Love Sosa," and "Belieber" for Audiomack's 'Trap Symphony' series. It ruled.
Alex Robert Ross
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Trans Student Blocked from Both Locker Rooms During School Safety Drill

She was forced to sit alone on the bleachers while her classmates and teachers huddled together inside.
Drew Schwartz
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Foam Sweet Foam: The Bullet-Eating Furniture Used to Prepare for Active Shooters

In a video essay, two filmmakers explore the 'kill houses' where SWAT teams train, where one patented technology blurs the line between fake and real.
Jillian Mayer
Kelly Loudenberg

Russia Space Chief Suggests International Space Station Leak Could Be Sabotage

Roscosmos head Dmitry Rogozin, known for bombastic comments, said it was “a matter of honor” to “find the one responsible” for the puncture.
Becky Ferreira

No, Drill Music Isn’t The Reason Kids Are Killing Each Other in London

Instead of using UK music as a scapegoat, the government needs to seriously look at the root causes of this fatal epidemic.
Ryan Bassil

Fredo Santana's Influence Is Immeasurable

Calling Fredo a "rapper" sells him short, not because the title can't be a worthy honorific in the right hands, but because Fredo's notoriety came as much from the character he played as the music itself.
David Drake
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Long Live Fredo Santana, a Rapper More Genuine Than Anyone Realized

Following the rapper's tragic death at the age of 27, his close collaborator and friend DJ Kenn remembers him: "RIP Fredo Santana!"
DJ Kenn
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Last Night’s New Gen Show Was Proof That Urban Music in the UK is Thriving

Stefflon Don, AJ Tracey, Avelino and Abra Cadabra all showed up to Kamio for a one-off performance in the run up to the BRITs.
Daisy Jones
Valentine's Day

Chief Keef’s “Love Sosa” Is Truly the Great Romantic Ballad of a Generation

It's not only because it has "Love" in the title, though that helps.
Phil Witmer

Meet the Cincinatti Dance Squad Behind ‘The Fits’

A conversation with director Anna Rose Holmer and Q-Kidz dance squad founder “Ms. Quicy” Jones-Woods.
Charlie Schmidlin

Oh Shit! Sasha Go Hard Drops Her Video for "I'm Da Shit"

Tell it like it is girl: The Chicago rapper returns.
Kim Taylor Bennett