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I Invented Three New Ways to Get Drunk with a Dreidel

This is how to transform the classic Jewish children's toy into a shitshow.


Nazi-Themed Beer Pong Resurfaces Among Atlanta High Schoolers

Six students were recently disciplined at a private Atlanta-area high school for playing a "Jews vs. Nazis"-themed variation on the drinking game.


I Played 5 Professionally-Designed Drinking Games

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Why is ‘Ecco the Dolphin’ on British Pub Signs?

At least two English boozers have Boris Vallejo’s iconic art hanging over their doors—but nobody quite knows why.


Here's a Drinking Game to Get You Through the Inauguration

Today’s the day, friends! Let’s cope with strategic shots!


Last Night's 'Game of Thrones' Was Like a College Kegger, but with More Death

Last night's episode had more dick jokes, Beckett references, drinking games, and barfing than some people's entire freshman year.


Some Teens in New Jersey Got Busted Playing a Nazi Beer Pong Game

Of all the insanely fun drinking games kids can choose from, it's unclear why the group of high school students decided to recreate beer pong into an uncouth tribute of the Holocaust.


The VICE Gaming Guide to Video Game Drinking Games

Turn on, sign in, get pissed. You know it makes sense, at least before the morning after.


Hey, Students! Here's How to Make Sure Your Life Isn't Shitty in 2014

Those who have been students for a year or two now will be starting to realize that, beneath the tranquillizing veil of $3 pitchers and student discounts, their prospects are actually pretty horrible. Here are some ideas that will help you sidestep...


The Strange Sad Saga of the Power Hour Trademark Lawsuit

An "entrepreneur" named Steve Roose was mistakenly granted the trademark to the phrase "power hour" and started harassing anyone who used those words online, including a musician named Ali Spagnola who refused to give in to him. Three years and $30,00...


iPhone 5 Drinking Games

Provide beers or light cocktails. Watch Apple event on TV. Take one sip every time you hear the words "game-changing," "revolutionary," "visionary," or "power efficient."


I Had a Drinking Contest with My Mom

And now she knows I took cocaine.