driverless cars

driverless cars

Driverless Cars Should Spare Young People Over Old in Unavoidable Accidents, Massive Survey Finds

In the Moral Machine Experiment, a survey of more than two million people from 233 countries, people preferred to save humans over animals, young over old, and more people over fewer.
Tracey Lindeman
not-so-driverless cars

We Talked to a Driver Who Disguised Himself as a Car Seat

Do people freak out at the sight of a driverless car?
Samantha Cole

Germany Has Created the World’s First Ethical Guidelines for Driverless Cars

These robots are going to have to make some tough choices.
Kaleigh Rogers
To Elon, From Eric

Emails Show Los Angeles Mayor’s Office Asked Elon Musk for a Driverless Car Program

So whatever happened?
Sarah Emerson

Lyft Wants to Create a Fleet of Driverless Cars That Won’t Cut Jobs

Rideshare companies now have to navigate future uncertainties around mobility, the future of work and sustainability.
Aaron Barksdale
The Unicorn

Unicorn, Trank, and Rasier: The Names Uber Uses to Do Business

A look at Uber's tangled web of subsidiary companies and codenames.
Mark Harris
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Boeing Wants to Make Pilotless Airplanes a Reality

The aircraft company is looking to test out self-flying technology on a jet as early as 2018.
VICE Staff
Uber mad

Let’s Watch Pittsburgh’s Mayor Slowly Realize Uber Is Not His Friend

A case study in how Uber screws cities with the help of their elected officials.
Jason Koebler
What a Time to be Alive

Farm Researchers Are Using Military Face-Recognition Software to Inspect Grapes

Why measure sorghum when you can get a robot to do it faster?
Kaleigh Rogers

Google’s Self-Driving Cars Have a New Name: ‘Waymo’

It stands for a new way forward in mobility. Also--the name of a workout in Arkansas.
Madison Margolin

The True Cost of Your Uber Ride Is Much Higher Than You Think

Investor reports reveal riders only pay 41 percent of the full cost of each ride, with investors footing the remaining 59 percent.
Samantha Cole

Look Mum, No Hands! This Mini Motorbike Rides Itself Without Falling Over

It's a step towards full autonomy.
Victoria Turk