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Drone Pilots Are Freaking Out About Canada’s Strict New Regulations

Some hobbyists say they might give up their drones for good.


A Passenger Jet in Mozambique Collided With a Drone

No one was harmed, but it again raises concerns about drones presenting a danger to passenger aircraft.


The FAA’s New Commercial Drone Regulations Are a Mess for Hobby Pilots

In order to fly first person view drone flights, you'll now need to get a background check from the TSA.


What the FAA's 624-Page Drone Regulation Tells Us About How It'll Police Drones

The FAA's full commercial drone regulations announcement gives us insight into how it'll enforce its new rules.


Is Flying a Drone Illegal? A Comprehensive Guide to America’s Drone Laws

An entirely too thorough look at the absurd state of drone regulations in the United States.


The FAA Has Never Fined Anyone for Flying a Drone Commercially

A list of the FAA’s enforcement actions show it’s concerned with unsafe flying, not with people flying drones for money.


The FAA Revoked an Airplane Pilot’s License for Flying a Drone

Meet the only person who has ever had their pilot’s license taken away from them for flying a drone.


The FAA Gave Us a List of Every Drone Pilot Who Has Ever Been Fined

The FAA fined the guy who crashed a drone at the White House, people who flew over sporting events, and two pilots who crashed their drones into the ocean in Puerto Rico.


This Is the FAA’s Highly Redacted Contract for Airport Drone Detectors

The FAA redacted information about how drone detectors will work without providing a legal exemption or explanation.


Bill That Exempts Small Consumer Drones From FAA Regulations Moves Forward

Any drone under 4.4 pounds would be legal to fly for almost any purpose.


A Model Aircraft Pilot Is Suing the FAA Over Its New Drone Registration Rules

The lawsuit claims the FAA's drone registration program is illegal.


The FAA Shut Down Every Drone Club Within 30 Miles of Washington, DC

At least 36 clubs are affected and the FAA says it'll send cops to any club that doesn't comply.