climate change

Britain Will Have Water Shortages In 25 Years Thanks to Climate Change, Environment Chief Says

Climate change could bring about the “jaws of death,” says the head of the UK’s Environment Agency.
Sarah Emerson
climate change

Government Climate Report Spotlights Costly Damage of Extreme Weather In 2018

Last year, 14 natural disasters caused at least $1 billion in damage each.
Sarah Emerson
day zero

Cape Town Is Surveilling Residents to Shame Them Into Using Less Water

Officials are posting data from individual houses to try and convince people to conserve water—at the cost of their privacy.
Jay Fleming
day zero

Online Vendors Try to Make a Quick Buck as Cape Town Runs Out of Water

Are people looking to profit from "Day Zero"?
Ankita Rao
Year 2050

Phoenix Will Be Almost Unlivable by 2050 Thanks to Climate Change

Phoenix's notoriously unrelenting heat will soon get even worse.
Mike Pearl
community solutions

These Kenyan Farmers Are Coding Apps to Cope With a Devastating Drought

I went to a hackathon in Eldoret, Kenya to see if homegrown technology could work where foreign solutions have failed.
Rajiv Golla
World Refugee Day

A Drought Has Forced 1 Million People to Leave Home and Find Water

Drought and terrorism have displaced countless people in Somalia, including 8-year-old Falastine Mohamed Ahmed.
International Rescue Committee
california greenin'

Here’s How California’s Bounce Back From Drought Looked From Space

Landsat satellites and airborne observatories monitored the state’s driest period in recorded history.
Becky Ferreira
Impact Guide To The Summer

Smoking Weed And Other Ways To Not Get Swamp Ass This Summer

Soooooo chill.
Aaron Barksdale

Watch Local Natives Investigate the West Coast Drought

Tonight on VICELAND, the indie rock band from LA follows the Colorado River. See a preview now.
Aranya Tatapudi

Local Natives Dive Into the Colorado River Drought in New 'Earthworks' Clip

The new VICELAND series follows musicians confronting activist-friendly issues on journeys around the world.
Impact Staff
Go West

Scientists Are Surprised That Iconic East-Coast Trees Are Moving West

A new study looks at 30 years' worth of tree data from the eastern US.
Kate Lunau