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A controversial law enforcement tactic is creating some unusual alliances in Texas

In Texas, a public fight has broken out over a strategy used to fight drug crime: Civil asset forfeiture, which lets police officers seize property from suspected criminals.
Roberto Ferdman

How One Guy’s Illegal U-Turn Brought Down a Cannabis Gang

A routine stop helped unravel the threads connecting two brothers, their childhood friend and a $1.2 million stash of weed.
VICE Staff

What McDonald's and Walmart Can Teach Drug Cartels

Writer Tom Wainwright's latest book Narconomics: How to Run a Drug Cartel looks at the drug trade as if it were a legal business, finding common ground between the underworld and legitimate corporations.
Seth Ferranti
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Indonesia Might Build a Prison Island for Drug Offenders That's Guarded by Killer Crocodiles

The insane-sounding facility would house drug traffickers on death row.
Helen Donahue

Why Does the UN Help Fund Policies That Kill Nonviolent Drug Offenders in Iran?

Iran executes hundreds of people for drug crimes every year, and yet the international community continues to fund its brutal drug wars.
Kristen Gwynne
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A Man with a Life Sentence for Marijuana Was Just Released From Prison

He spent two decades behind bars for conspiring to sell six pounds of marijuana.
River Donaghey

I Talked to the Actress Who Says She Was Tricked Into Smuggling 3.5 Tons of Pot

"I would have dreams of being arrested or being hunted down by Mexican gangsters."
Allie Conti

This Sydney Law Firm Targets Drug Users on Facebook

If you're between 18 to 30 and like a few music-related Facebook pages, you may have seen an ad saying "Busted with possession or supply of drugs at Field Day? Call Sydney's best drug lawyers!"
Mitch Parker