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How Worried Should We Be About Fentanyl-Laced Cocaine?

Experts discuss whether the dangerous opioid is really as widespread as recent media reports claim.
Michelle Lhooq

My Brother Died After Taking Ecstasy But I’m Still Campaigning to Reopen Fabric

Nathalie Wainwright lost her brother after he took ecstasy in the 90s. She explains why she’s calling for drug education reform.
Nathalie Wainwright
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Fabric to Review Its Safety Procedures Following Two Deaths at the London Club

The venue will enlist an independent organization for the task.
Alexander Iadarola
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Why So Many More People in the UK Are Dying from Ecstasy Overdoses

Fabric is temporarily shutting down after two people recently died after partying there, and these casualties are sadly nothing new.
Hannah Ewens

How Do We Stop Drug Deaths at Canadian Music Festivals?

More organizers and promoters want to offer drug testing kits on site, but fear having their operating licenses revoked.
Sarah Ratchford
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Two People Died at Sunset Music Festival in Florida

UPDATE: an autopsy report released on Monday said that ecstasy abuse was responsible for the two deaths.
Anna Codrea-Rado
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Five People Die at Time Warp in Argentina

Five more are in critical condition after suspected poisoning on the first night of the festival, which has now been cancelled.
Thump Colombia

How Do We Stop Drug Deaths At Festivals?

America's drug policies have been putting ravers at risk for years. But there are signs that the way we think about drug and raves is shifting.
Anna Codrea-Rado

Why Are Drug Deaths Spiking in Britain?

Last year saw the most drug-related deaths in England and Wales since rec began.
Max Daly
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[Update] The Two Women Who Died at HARD Summer Have Been Identified

LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis​ is also calling for a ban on raves and major music festivals.
David Garber

The Easy Way England Could Stop Its Heroin Users Dying from Overdoses

Naloxone is a miracle drug that can bring people back from the brink of an overdose. Problem is, a mixture of fear and austerity is keeping local English councils from getting their hands on the stuff.
Max Daly
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This Mom Is Still Fighting America’s Drug Policy Nearly Two Years After Her Daughter's Death

Dede Goldsmith is on a crusade to amend the Rave Act, a federal law that she believes puts lives in danger.
Steve Weinstein