Drug Laws


After Planet 13, Marijuana Tourism Will Never Be the Same

Nevada's largest dispensary and superstore will feature flying orbs, a laser graffiti wall, and an experience where customers will be "overwhelmed by the aesthetics."
Luke Winkie

How to Beat a Drug Test, According to Experts

Some of the detoxifying drinks may work.
Seth Ferranti
Impact Health

The War on Drugs Has Always Been a Big Waste of Money

As beleaguered Attorney General Jeff Sessions pushes for mandatory minimum sentencing for low-level drug offenses, we crunch some decade-spanning numbers.
Kimberly Lawson

A Lawyer Explains Why You Should Never Eat Your Drugs to Avoid Arrest

"Don't turn a Class B into a felony / By tampering with evidence / Don't be a dumbass / Don't destroy your stash."
Jay Stephens

Marijuana Arrests Are At a 20-Year Low

But people are still getting busted for weed possession almost every minute.
Madison Margolin
tea time with t. kid

Tea Time with T. Kid: Burning 24-Karat Golden Blunt Wraps with a Weed Reporter

In the first episode of our new podcast 'Tea Time with T. Kid,' the titular host and weed expert drinks some tea and tests out some fancy blunt wraps with cannabis writer David Bienenstock.
T. Kid

​What It’s Like to Get a Medical Marijuana Card as an Ex-Convict

"I've been locked up for a nickel bag of weed before, so to be able to walk around without the fear of the police bothering you is great. Getting weed [legally] is like a blessing."
Seth Ferranti

Why Is It So Easy to Get Psychedelic Drugs Shipped to the UK?

We asked sellers, police, and experts why no one seems to care about the importation of "magic truffles," legal in Holland but seriously illegal in Britain.
Charlie Gilmour

We Asked an Expert How Easy It Is to Make Poppers

A chemistry undergrad could figure it out pretty easily.
Hannah Ewens
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Native American Tribe Just Panicked and Burned All Its Weed

The South Dakota tribe planned to open a marijuana resort, but then freaked out about the possibility of a federal raid and burned all of the marijuana.
Michael Cuby
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Bernie Sanders Just Introduced a Bill to End the Federal Ban on Marijuana

It's like he really wants to be president or something.
Mike Pearl

Why Doesn’t Anyone Produce Cocaine in Australia?

With an average gram costing $200, it's not like there's a lack of demand.
Charlie Braithwaite