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California's Long Journey to Legalizing Pot the Right Way

Proposition 64 promises to make recreational pot legal in California, but that's not the end of a debate that encompasses economics, race, and criminal justice reform.
Bill Kilby

Soldiers, Spies, and Police Officers Launch Campaign to Legalize Drugs in the UK

VICE News attended a launch in the British parliament for LEAP UK — a collection of former undercover drugs officers, military figures, and police, who are campaigning for drug law reform in Britain.
Sally Hayden

How Did Ireland's Drug Policy Suddenly Get So Progressive?

The Irish minister in charge of the national drugs strategy advocates both heroin injecting rooms and the decriminalization of drug possession for personal amounts.
Max Daly

Thanks to Congress, DC's Weed Legalization Is Going to Be a Nightmare

Washington, DC is set to move forward with weed legalization by the end of this week. But thanks to congressional meddling, the estimated $130 million local marijuana market will stay untaxed, unregulated, and underground.
CJ Ciaramella

A DC-Based Anti-Pot Group Is Suing Colorado Over Marijuana Laws as the Capital Poises for Legalization

Safe Streets, the Washington DC-based group, rolled out the suits Thursday, just a week before a new law legalizing the possession, cultivation, and use of marijuana in the US capital is set to kick in.
Liz Fields
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Is Congress About to Make Weed in Washington, DC Both Legal and Unregulated?

In attempting to block DC from implementing new marijuana laws, Congress is forbidding pot regulation — but maybe not pot legalization.
Olivia Becker

This Doctor Wants to Provide Quality Control for Your Illegal Drugs

The market for illegal drugs has no regulation, so it's hard to know if you're getting what you think you are. Dr. Fernando Caudevilla, who moonlights on the deep web as "Dr. X," will chemically test your drugs before you take them—basically, quality...
Arielle Pardes

Seattle's Former Police Chief Speaks Out About Ferguson and Police Brutality

Ferguson isn’t the first time a local police force has turned an American city into something resembling a war zone.
Leighton Woodhouse

Seattle's Former Police Chief Speaks Out Against Police Brutality

Norm Stamper ordered a brutal crackdown on WTO protesters in 1999, when he was Seattle's chief of police. Now, he's a vocal opponent of the militarization of cops—and says his mistakes are being repeated in Ferguson.
Leighton Woodhouse

Congress Is Finally Getting Behind Medical Marijuana

Last night, when no one was looking, the US House of Representatives did something surprising: It voted to deescalate the war on drugs, passing an amendment that would prohibit the DEA from terrorizing legal medical marijuana businesses.
Grace Wyler

Meet the British Police Trying to Decriminalize Drugs

Plenty of cops are tired of fighting the War on Drugs, a battle they know full well they’re never going to win. In 2002, a group of American police set up LEAP. Though it remains relatively small, LEAP’s UK branch has been operating since 2008.
Michael Allen

Washington, DC Could Be the Next Place to Legalize and Tax Weed

A legalization measure will likely appear on the November midterm ballot.
Jason Koebler