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The VICE Morning Bulletin

At least two people were killed and 16 injured at a nightclub shooting in Fort Myers, Florida, Democratic Party chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced to resign after DNC email hack, and more.
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El Chapo's Beauty Queen Wife Says She Fears for His Life

In her first interview ever, 26-year-old Emma Coronel, discusses the incarceration of the infamous drug lord, their life together, and Mexican telenovela star Kate del Castillo.
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Talking to Convicted Drug Kingpins and Crime Experts About El Chapo’s Thirst for Fame

If nothing else, the saga of how Mexico's biggest drug lord ended up back in prison shows that, like so many other career criminals, he covets the spotlight.
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The Nazi-Loving Drug Lord Who Revolutionized the Cocaine Smuggling Industry

When Carlos "Crazy Charlie" Lehder of the Medellin cartel, was eventually taken down for his drug crimes, the prosecutors compared his cocaine transportation system to what Henry Ford was to automobiles.
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The Real-Life Crime Lords Who Make Scarface Look Soft

Today, drug cartels and Latin American gangs are run by a type of criminal described by journalist Ioan Grillo as "part CEO, part terrorist, and part rock star." We spoke to the reporter about his new book documenting the rise of these super criminals.
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The People Displaced by the Hunt for El Chapo Tell of Helicopter Attacks

Escaped Mexican drug lord Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán narrowly avoided recapture in a mountain raid in October, and also left the navy facing accusations that its efforts to hunt him down included targeting the civilian population.
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Everything We Know About the Mexican Drug Lord Who Escaped from Prison This Weekend

Joaquín Guzmán Loera, better known as "El Chapo," surpassed Pablo Escobar as the most successful drug kingpin of all time years ago. This weekend, he pulled off his second elaborate escape from prison.
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New Report Says ​DEA Agents Held Sex Parties with Prostitutes Paid for by Colombian Drug Cartels

And that's just one of the allegations from a new watchdog report on sexual misconduct and harassment at the Department of Justice.
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Joan Rivers's Spiritual Guide Is Fighting Crime with Voodoo in New Orleans

After a bloody summer in New Orleans, Joan Rivers's favorite voodoo priestess, Sallie Ann Glassman, is asking a warrior spirit to cleanse her neighborhood and bring balance back to her home. We visited the ceremony.
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Silk Road

What It’s Really Like to Be One of the Silk Road’s Biggest Drug Lords

Silk Road may have died a sudden death at the hands of the authorities, but The Scurvy Crew saw its demise as an opportunity to diversify.
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