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The opioid epidemic has a "silver lining" that's saving lives

A record-high uptick in organs available for donation could be the one good thing to come out of the crisis.
Billie Brownstein

This 30-Second Video Can Teach You to Save Someone's Life

This version of CPR is easier and more effective.
Rajul Punjabi
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This OxyContin Salesman of the Year doesn’t regret his work

He also takes opioids to manage his own debilitating back pain.
Dexter Thomas
Opioid Crisis

A fentanyl cocktail killed the fake news writer who bogusly claimed he got Trump elected

One of the most well-known peddlers of fake news during the 2016 election died suddenly this past September, and it wasn’t immediately certain why.
Noah Kulwin
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

US shows off air power after latest North Korean missile test, ISIS attacks Iraqi embassy in Afghanistan, most Americans believe Trump presidency is "chaos," and more.
VICE Staff
Restaurant Confessionals

What My Line Cook's Heroin Overdose Taught Me About Owning a Restaurant

"I spent years replaying the chain of events that led to Phil’s death in my head. And to this day, I have no idea if I fucked up by giving him that money."
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24 People Reportedly Overdosed on THC-Laced Candy at EST Festival

One man has been arrested in connection to the overdoses.
Britt Julious

The US Drug Overdose Epidemic Has Made It Easier to Get an Organ Transplant

So many people are dying from overdoses in the United States that the number of organs available for transplant is now 270 percent greater than that available in 2006.
Tess Owen
Festival Season!

This Mom Is Still Fighting America’s Drug Policy Nearly Two Years After Her Daughter's Death

Dede Goldsmith is on a crusade to amend the Rave Act, a federal law that she believes puts lives in danger.
Steve Weinstein

We Spoke to an Academic Who's Spent 25 Years Researching Drugs in Clubs

"I'm 24/7 obsessed with drugs, that's all I talk about"
Adam Bychawski

Fake Drugs Are Taking Over Music Festivals—Here’s What You Can Do

A new documentary called "What's In Your Baggie?" is just the tip of a larger, looming problem.
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Dangerous fruit

Grapefruit Could Be Seriously Messing with Your Meds

Grapefruit, the breakfast staple of the masses, greatly affects the absorption of medication and could lead to a fatal overdose. Since I, myself, am among the 70 percent of Americans who take some form of prescription medication, I talked to a doctor...
Hilary Pollack