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We Talk About How to Party Safer on Episode 3 of The Thump Podcast

DanceSafe's Kellye Green and the Drug Policy Alliance Stefanie Jones join THUMP to talk harm reduction and drug policing at the club.


Insomniac's Halloween Escape Festival Will Have On-Site Drug Education

It’s the first time the promoter has allowed this kind of service in over a decade.


Seattle plans to open safe spaces for addicts to use heroin — and that's smart

A local heroin task force suggested that the city try what’s worked in several places outside the US: Spaces for addicts to safely get high without fear of law enforcement.


The Woman Changing the Face of Weed Through Stock Images

Photography professor Ophelia Chong knew cannabis users come from all walks of life. But when she searched for photos to represent that diversity, she could only find images of sexy teens.


This Mom Is Still Fighting America’s Drug Policy Nearly Two Years After Her Daughter's Death

Dede Goldsmith is on a crusade to amend the Rave Act, a federal law that she believes puts lives in danger.


Growers in California’s Emerald Triangle Are Changing Their Minds About Legal Weed

In a shift that reverses years of either opposing or ignoring attempts at reform, pot farmers in Northern California have started mobilizing to make their crop legal in 2016.


Study on the Effects of Weed on PTSD Gets the Green Light

On average, 22 veterans commit suicide each day. One psychologist aims to change that with her research on pot's effects on trauma.


The Politics of Pot: The Marijuana Industry Is Now a Special Interest Group

After decades spent operating in the shadows, the ever-growing legal marijuana industry has begun supporting federal campaigns and lobbying efforts in Washington DC.


California Has Finally Recognized That Crack and Cocaine Are the Same Thing

California's "Fair Sentencing Act" undoes one of its most racist drug laws — but reform advocates say it's only the first of many steps to reduce its massive prison overcrowding problem.


Fewer Colorado Teens Believe Marijuana is a Risky Drug to Use

Early results from a biannual study found only 54 percent of teens in the state viewed marijuana as risky, compared to 58 percent in 2011.