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Women Are Leading the Fight Against the War on Drugs

Two of the most prominent groups devoted to reforming America's drug laws are now run by women of color. Here's what they're accomplishing, and how they're doing it.


Why a Mom Is Fighting for Legalization After Her Daughter's Overdose on Molly

Oxford schoolgirl Martha Fernback died of cardiac arrest following an accidental MDMA overdose when she was 15. Her mother, Anne-Marie Cockburn, wants to prevent the same thing happening to others.


Soldiers, Spies, and Police Officers Launch Campaign to Legalize Drugs in the UK

VICE News attended a launch in the British parliament for LEAP UK — a collection of former undercover drugs officers, military figures, and police, who are campaigning for drug law reform in Britain.


Why Drug-Testing Needs to Be a Part of Australian Music Festivals

Read this open letter, signed by a number of prominent Australians, calling for pill testing at festivals.


Opium or Cannabis? Historical Records Suggest People Prefer Whichever Is Cheaper

Study finds that economic considerations drive patterns of drug use.


How Austerity Could Help the Campaign to Legalize Weed in the UK

As legalization is debated in Westminster today, we spoke to the founder of Transform, a drug policy think tank, about how budget cuts could inspire change far quicker than expected.


Republicans Get Blunt About Marijuana at GOP Debate

With ballot initiatives for marijuana reform proposed in 16 states, the controversial cash crop is set to be one of the hot button topics in next year’s presidential election.


Rand Paul Holds First Ever Marijuana Presidential Fundraiser

Some 40 people involved in the cannabis industry paid to see Paul — a longtime opponent of harsh marijuana laws — speak behind closed doors in Denver, Colorado.


I Spent Harvest Time with South Australia's Weed Growers

Unlike most of the country, South Australia has enjoyed decriminalisation since 1987. We hung out with some growers to see what that means for them.


Can Vermont Bring Legal Weed to the Northeast?

As prohibition crumbles in the West, marijuana reform activists are looking to open up a new frontier for the legalization movement.


Texas Is the Next Big Test for Legal Weed

Legalization advocates are pinning their hopes to a new bill that would decriminalize marijuana in the Lone Star State.