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Talking Acid Trips and Drug Legalization with the Psychedelic Society of Brooklyn

Daniel Miller never expected to become a psychedelics advocate, but the former Ivy League-educated lawyer started the Psychedelic Society of Brooklyn last year to help change cultural and political attitudes towards LSD.


Meet the Only Doctor in the World Legally Allowed to Use LSD to Treat Patients

Last year, Swiss psychiatrist Peter Gasser received permission from his government to use acid in his practice, which he says can help people deal with anxiety and fear of death, among other things.


How Tripping On Ayahuasca Helped Me Process My Mom's Murder

Celia Peachey's mom was murdered in her home in 2008. After years of searching for mental and emotional release, she's finally found some kind of peace with the help of a natural psychedelic.


Ayahuasca Will Make You Cry, Vomit, and Feel Amazing

Ayahuasca, yagé, the truth vine, the madre, or whatever you call it is not only the strongest drug I've ever tried but easily the most powerful experience I've ever had.


Is Ketamine the New Miracle Drug?

It was desperation that pushed Danielle to the street drug—Special K—she had avoided as a student in London. She carries ketamine pills and a ketamine nasal spray in her purse. For her and untold others, the horse tranquilizer turned trippy club drug...