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El Chapo

The Next Great El Chapo Mystery: How the Hell Did His Family Get U.S. Visas?

The drug kingpin's mother says her family has “humanitarian” visas to visit Chapo in prison. Advocates and federal agents are shocked.
Keegan Hamilton
Sinaloa Cartel

A Cartel Kingpin’s Son Just Claimed His Prize for Testifying Against El Chapo

Vicente Zambada, who has admitted to ordering people killed, was sentenced to 15 years and could walk free in under 5.
Keegan Hamilton

Why Europe Has Dodged America's Fentanyl Crisis

Europe's most lucrative heroin markets seem ripe for a fentanyl takeover. But why the no-show?
Max Daly
The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

Introducing the 'Chapo: Kingpin on Trial' Podcast

VICE News is launching its first podcast just as the El Chapo trial begins.
VICE Staff

Drug Debts Have Become an Essential Part of the Narco Trade

As well as allowing dealers to inflict violence and prove they're "not to be messed with," these debts now serve another important purpose.
Max Daly

We Infiltrate the Underground Shroom Trade Tonight on VICELAND

Hamilton meets a few mushroom kingpins and gets a look inside their massive underground grow room on Wednesday's episode of 'Hamilton's Pharmacopeia' on VICELAND.
VICE Staff

Photos of the Synthetic Drug Epidemic That's Ravaged Gaza

For years now, Gaza has been rocked by the proliferation of a synthetic opiate called Tramadol. We sent a photographer to document sales, police confiscations, and the human suffering that pushes people into opiate use.
Antonio Faccilongo

‘OITNB’ Creator on How Pop Culture Can Change the Criminal Justice System

At a recent talk in Brooklyn, best-selling author of "Orange Is the New Black" Piper Kerman speaks out on "how journalism and pop culture combine to create an environment where a policy change is possible, or desirable."
Anna Furman

'Narcos' Asks Us To Consider All Facets of a Bad Man

Is that too much to ask?
Gabby Bess

Are You Supporting Violence When You Buy Drugs?

Some critics say users are responsible for the narco-war and the toxic pollution of the world's rainforests, but the forces creating these situations are actually at a much higher level.
Max Daly and Jennifer Fleetwood

Watch As We Investigate Alternative Enterprises from the Inside on 'Black Market: Dispatches'

In our new VICELAND show, we'll meet a dark net dealer, sugar babies, and counterfeiters to explore the motivations behind the world's underground economies.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Forty-Three People Are Facing Charges After a Major Fentanyl Bust in Canada

A convicted killer from the sleepy border town will be one of the many people facing charges.
Sarah Berman