Drugs Addiction


Vape-Related Deaths Are Scaring People Back Into Smoking Cigs

"I realized that if I'm going to die from nicotine, I'd rather have it be at age 60 from cancer than 24 from my lungs exploding or whatever."


Legit, Safe Places to Inject Heroin Are Closer Than Ever

A tool lots of other countries have tried is suddenly within reach in cities like Philadelphia.


Facebook Is Censoring Posts That Could Save Opioid Users' Lives

Facebook appears to be blocking people who warn users about poisonous batches of drugs or who supply materials used to test for fentanyl.


James Franco on Showing the Dirty Stuff in Movies

Sexual content and sexual addiction are the latest to undergo a transformation in movies, and Nymphomaniac Vol. 1 and 2 is the proof that the subject is becoming less taboo in mainstream commercial venues.