Drugs Policy

Drugs Policy

A Top Congressional Democrat Still Thinks Weed Is a Gateway Drug

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer called cannabis "a threshold drug that leads to the use of harder, very harmful drugs."
Alex Norcia
Drugs Policy

The DEA Says It Will Make It Easier to Study Weed, but Experts Say There's a Catch

The government may allow more weed to be grown for research purposes. That doesn't mean researchers are doing cartwheels.
Alex Norcia
Drugs Policy

The Fight to Make Shroom Therapy Legal in Oregon

Denver and Oakland have decriminalized magic mushrooms, but campaigners here want to go even further.
Alex Norcia

Nevada Is the First State to Ban Employer Drug Tests for Weed

It's the first step towards protecting people who are using a legal drug.
Harry Cheadle

The Movement to Make Shrooms Legal Is Gaining Momentum

Denver just decriminalized the drug, and Oakland could be next.
Harry Cheadle

How Hippies Turned a College Town into 'The Dope Capital of the Midwest'

In the early 70s, far-left activists got the chance to govern Ann Arbor. The first thing they did was make weed essentially legal.
Adam Woodhead

The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, a man is arrested for attempting to shoot Donald Trump, Clinton condemns the Senate for blocking gun control, the model of the car that killed Anton Yelchin was recently recalled, and more.
Vice Beta

Syringes in the Streets, Gang Shootings, and Clockwork Orange: How Ireland Is Tackling a Drug Crisis

VICE News spoke to addiction workers and Ireland's former drugs minister about the challenges the country's new government will face on the issue of drug policy reform.
Sally Hayden

'Evidence Says They Save Lives:' Ireland to Open Injecting Rooms For Drug Addicts

Alongside the opening of supervised injecting rooms, the minister responsible for Ireland's national drugs strategy is expected to announce the decriminalization of small amounts of drugs.
Sally Hayden

​We Asked an Expert What Would Happen If the UK Decriminalized All Drugs

The UN was apparently about to release a report advising exactly that this week before suddenly changing its mind.
Joe Goodman
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Is the United Nations About to Call for the Decriminalization of All Drugs?

Richard Branson just posted an embargoed document from the UN Office on Drugs and Crime that urges governments to ease off on the prosecution and imprisonment of drug users.
Joe Goodman

Would an Independent Scotland Decriminalize Drugs?

The UK has been cracking down on drugs. Scotland, though, might not be part of the UK for much longer.
Liam Turbett