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Bill Cosby Is Doing Stand-Up Again for Some Reason

The disgraced actor made a bizarre return to comedy Monday night in Philadelphia ahead of his April retrial.
Drew Schwartz
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Lorde's Cover Phil Collins's "In The Air Tonight" Has the Big Drums

When asked if she'd met Collins, Lorde responded: "I have not and I think I would just melt to a little pool. I think he would be like, ‘Oh no, there’s a little pool in front of me, not a person.'"
Alex Robert Ross
daily vice

How a Musician Hacked His Drum Kit to Sound Like a Full Band

'Daily VICE' met up with drummer Greg Fox to find out how he used high-tech sensors to make one instrument produce a landscape of sounds.
VICE Staff
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Grant Hart, Hüsker Dü Drummer and Songwriter, Dies at 56

The news was confirmed by his bandmate, Bob Mould, Thursday morning.
Alex Robert Ross

Clyde Stubblefield, Most Sampled Drummer in Hip-Hop, Dead at 73

"The spirit of the greatest grace note left hand snare drummer will live on thru all of us," Questlove wrote in tribute.
Alex Robert Ross

The Beating Heart of the Women's March

Drummers from Afro-Brazilian samba-reggae band Batalá and the Korean American Resource and Cultural Center talk beats, protest, and hope
Alison Kinney

The Foo Fighters' Taylor Hawkins Finally Takes the Reins on ‘KOTA’

"God, I was such a disgusting scumbag 20 years ago. I never thought I would be here."
Alex Robert Ross

The Grateful Dead's Drummer Mickey Hart Paints Using Vibrations

The Dead's legendary drummer wants his paintings to get you high.
Taylor Lindsay

[Premiere] A Psychedelic Light Show Bursts from Sample-Based Drums

The sample-based Sensory Percussion drum set is the center of a Ian Chang’s multimedia performance in “Spiritual Leader”.
DJ Pangburn

Alex G Opens Up About How He Gained Momentum As a Young Musician

In this episode of VICE's 'Autobiographies,' we meet up with the introverted Philly-based musician before he plays a hometown gig.
VICE Staff

The ‘Music Box for the Digital Era’ Is Back and Better Than Ever

Axel Bluhme’s XOXX Composer has now has an app, a sleek black look, and may be on the market soon.
Francesca Capossela
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Will Ferrell and Red Hot Chili Pepper's Chad Smith Held a Ridiculous Drum Competition for Charity

Featuring guest all-stars including Tommy Lee, Taylor Hawkins, and Mick Fleetwood.
John Hill