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Brisket Hash with Caviar and Eggs

Andy Milonakis and Noah Galuten of LA’s Bludso’s Bar + Que joined forces for this Fat Prince-ified barbecue brisket hash with tater tots, charred peppers, duck fat, and caviar.
Andy Milonakis

Crispy Turkey Thighs with Chestnut Soup

Chestnuts (and turkey thighs) roasting on an open fire.
Michael Voltaggio
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Keep the Thanksgiving Party Going with These Deep-Fried Turkey Balls

These deep-fried turkey balls from Silicon Valley's TJ Miller and private chef Andy Windak will allow you to relive yesterday's gut-busting meal, one bite at a time.
Munchies Staff
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Life's Short, So Braise Your Meat in Duck Fat

How to make juicy, slow-braised duck legs even better? Cook them in duck fat, and top them with crispy duck cracklings. That's how we do duck on duck on duck.
Munchies Staff

Braised Duck Legs Recipe

This recipe is duck on duck on duck, marrying slow-braised duck legs with duck fat-enriched Savoy cabbage and some crispy duck cracklings.
Russell Moore

Chicken-Fried Rabbit with Spicy Honey Sauce Recipe

Tender, juicy chicken-fried rabbit doused in a spicy honey sauce and green onions. What more does one need in life?
Munchies Staff

Fat Prince: Brisket Hash With Noah Galuten and Chelsea Peretti

Andy Milonakis joins forces with Noah Galuten and Chelsea Peretti to make a barbecue brisket hash with tater tots, poblano peppers, duck fat, eggs, and Sevruga caviar.
Andy Milonakis and Noah Galuten
Hong Kong

I Ate Steak at an Underground Fight Club with Hong Kong’s Elite

I ate dry-aged steak at an an underground, illegal, bare-knuckle fight club dinner, where the worst (and richest) expats in Hong Kong were thirsty for blood and strippers.
Charley Lanyon