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What Happens Now to the More Than 1 Million People on the U.S.' Terrorist Watchlist

A federal judge said the Terrorist Screening Database is unconstitutional. But that doesn’t mean it’s dead.


We Got Food Poisoning and Went to PAX East!

Waypoint Radio Live from PAX East 2018 was full of games, scary food stories, and good old question bucket shenanigans.


A controversial law enforcement tactic is creating some unusual alliances in Texas

In Texas, a public fight has broken out over a strategy used to fight drug crime: Civil asset forfeiture, which lets police officers seize property from suspected criminals.


Using a Bomb Robot to Kill a Suspect Is an Unprecedented Shift in Policing

What Dallas authorities did on Thursday raises concerns about due process and the use of remotely triggered lethal force by law enforcement.


Immigration Raids Are Targeting People with Valid Asylum Claims, According to a New Report

A new report from a coalition of immigration lawyers claims that many of the families picked up in immigration raids have valid asylum cases that have yet to be heard.


US State Department Urges Turkey to 'Uphold Democratic Values' in Case of Jailed VICE News Journalist

The State Department stressed the need for 'due process, freedom of expression, and access to media and information' regarding Mohammed Ismael Rasool, jailed since August 27.