No One Knows How Stoned Is Too Stoned to Drive

A new study confirms what a lot of people already know: Treating THC like alcohol when it comes to DUIs has no basis in science.
Harry Cheadle
How Scared Should I Be?

How Scared Should I Be of Drunk Drivers During the Holidays?

Government data says fatalities from crashes increase during the holidays. Is that because of drunk drivers? And should you stay off the roads?
Mike Pearl

What's the Safest Way to Get Home When You're Sloshed?

Studies have found that driving, walking, cycling, and using public transportation can be dangerous when you're drunk. So what the hell are you supposed to do?
Arielle Pardes

Is Macedonia on the Brink of Another Ethnic Conflict?

After six Albanians were sentenced to life in prison for the murder of five ethnic Macedonians in a trial that observers on both sides have suggested wouldn't have held up in any other court, angry Albanians have been protesting in the capital.
Jack Davies

Why Stoners Should Want to Implement the New Weed Breathalyzer

So what’s a responsible stoner to do about the looming threat of an accurate field test for stoned driving? Go with it. Make that tiny sacrifice and stop being stoned while driving, and at the same time push for a field test that's even more accurate...
Mike Pearl

That DUI Coma Prank Is Probably Fake

Real elaborate prank videos are the best, but this one had really horrible improv and some lazy choices on the part of the filmmakers that made us pretty skeptical. Here's a seven-part dissection.
Mike Pearl

Big Surprise – Wide Receivers Get Arrested a Lot

It’s no secret that NFL players get arrested a lot, but why? I created an Excel sheet detailing the 75 reported arrests of NFL players since 2011. I broke down each arrest by the following criteria: Date of Arrest, player name, violation, position, and...
Anthony Pappalardo