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People Tell Us About the Worst Things They Did On a Dare

Sometimes it's good to be a truther.
Justin Caffier
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The Fidget Spinner Phone Is the Worst Thing Since the Fidget Spinner

It's the size of your palm, it can make texts and calls, and it's definitive proof that the world is now a bad place.
Drew Schwartz

HDLSS and Heems Call Out Your Apathy on "Bystander 2"

The New York duo's debut album drops tomorrow.
Aranya Tatapudi

You Haven't Heard Trap Like Kadiata's "Dumb" Before

The South Londoner self-produces a unique blend of twisted and infectious trap—one that feels far more at home here, in Britain, than anywhere else.
Noisey Staff

A ‘Dwarf Toss’ in a Strip Club Still Draws a Big Crowd, Apparently

We went to one such event in Canada, where no one seemed to have a problem with the controversial "sport," including the man being thrown.
Dean Scott

Nevermind That Other Shit, Here's the Real Action Bronson Single, "Easy Rider"

Finally, a GOOD version of the first single from 'Mr. Wonderful'
Fred Pessaro
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What Is the Best Animal to Strap a GoPro To?

Majestic POVs straight from nature.
Derek Mead

This Guy Wants to Start His Own Aryan Country

You know who really gets the shitty end of the stick nowadays? White people. Sure, they come out best in socioeconomic standings and suffer no persecution for the color of their skin, but they have to put up with non-white people living among them. The...
Matthew Francey

This Guy's LinkedIn Password Was Probably "Dildo666"

Since LinkedIn got hacked, we were able to round up the dumbest passwords people used on the social network. Please, laugh at their shame.
VICE Staff
the it's actually quite weird issue

Deaf Comedy Jam

Deaf comedy hasn’t had a lot going for it ever since black people ran it into the ground in the 90s.
Allison Van Siclen
Motherboard Blog

Dubstep Dumbass Laser Cat: This Is the Most YouTube Video of All Time

I just happened to be searching for "dumb cat" on YouTube when I came across this video. If YouTube ever becomes a member of the UN, this video would be its representative delegate. Let's just check off all the overused tropes it touches on:
Derek Mead
Motherboard Blog

The 4S Things That Are Better To Do Than Care About The iPhone 4S

My iPhone is mostly destroyed. In fact, the glass on it is so mangled and shattered that I've cut myself on it three times. Obviously I need a new phone, but do I give a shit about the iPhone 4S? Only sort of. Here's the thing: I have the 4. A fine...
Sean Yeaton