Androids, Apes, and the Changing Face of Humanity on Film

Some of 2017's best films redefined what it means to be human.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

US shows off air power after latest North Korean missile test, ISIS attacks Iraqi embassy in Afghanistan, most Americans believe Trump presidency is "chaos," and more.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Kushner testifies on Russia meetings, car bomb kills 24 in Kabul, Trump expected to (eventually) sign sanctions against Moscow, and more.


At What Point in 'Dunkirk' Do You Think Harry Styles Dies?

The One Direction member makes his debut as a serious actor in the Christopher Nolan movie, and he's definitely doomed.


Hundreds are missing after a fire destroyed a huge migrant camp in France

A migrant camp housing 1,500 people burned down Monday night in northern France, leaving hundreds displaced and others missing.


Photos of What Remains at a Forgotten Refugee Camp

Tucked into marshland by a forest in northern France are the traces of a refugee camp we've barely heard about.


Clearing France's Migrant Camps: What's Next For Thousands of Evicted Refugees?

VICE News visited migrant and refugee camps in the French towns of Dunkirk and Calais to meet the people being violently evicted by the authorities.


Dunkirk’s Migrant Crisis: Breaking Borders (Dispatch 9)

VICE News reports from the migrant and refugee camp in Dunkirk, northern France, where around 2,500 people are living in deplorable conditions, and meets some of the camp’s residents, who hope for a better life after escaping war and persecution.


Four Injured in Smuggler Gunfight at Migrant Camp in the North of France

A shooting incident at the squalid Grande-Synthe tent city between rival smugglers who operate around the port of Dunkirk triggered a massive police intervention. The four people in custody are said to be Iraqi Kurds at the camp who were wounded.


In Photos: Dunkirk's Refugee Wasteland, Even Worse Than the Calais Jungle

VICE News visited the refugee and migrant camp in Dunkirk, France, where more than 2,500 people are living in total squalor. The frozen mudbath is home to many families and young children.


France Agrees to Build New Camp as Refugees and Migrants in the North Face Winter

Some 2,500 people are currently living in damp and squalid conditions in a marshland slum at Grande-Synthe on the outskirts of Dunkirk.


An Unaccompanied 15-Year-Old Dies in Attempts to Reach His Sister in the UK

The teenage Afghan boy was trying to reach his sister in England and had been living in the Jungle camp in Calais, where thousands of migrants are enduring squalid conditions.