The Cash-Strapped Museum Embraced by Cops and Corporations

Just a few months after opening, the shaky existence of the National Museum of Law Enforcement suggests that the one-topic museum may exist in a country disinterested in its message.
Sessi Kuwabara Blanchard

I Brought DuPont to Trial for its Toxic Pesticide

It was causing babies to be born without eyes.
James L. Ferraro

Study Finds that Fast Food Packaging Still Contains Carcinogenic Chemicals

Burger wrappers and pizza boxes could be as bad for you—or worse—than the food they contain.
Nick Rose

The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, a man was shot and killed by police during a routine traffic stop in Minnesota, Attorney General Loretta Lynch closed the case on Hillary Clinton's private email server, and more.
VICE Staff
Noisey Blog

The King of ‘As Seen on TV’ Was the Original Gadget Man

Saying goodbye to a man who filled the world with crap.
Jordan Pearson

A Chinese Spy Stole Millions in Corn Seeds from Monsanto

Mo Hailong, has confessed to his role as the ringleader of a group that stole proprietary corn seeds from agro-giants DuPont Pioneer and Monsanto
Alex Swerdloff

The Chemical Long Used in Non-Stick Pans Might Be Unsafe at Any Level

A new scientific study says US Environmental Protection Agency safety levels for the chemical, which is linked to birth defects and cancers in animals, are 300 times to high.
Matt Smith
Gm os

Why the FBI Invoked Anti-Spying Powers to Protect Corn Seeds

A recent case out of the Midwest demonstrates the government’s continued interest in protecting the technology of GM seeds, with the FBI invoking the powers of the anti-spy Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to gather evidence against a pair of...
Lauren Rothman

Big Data Is Headed to Pasture, and Farmers Want to Cash In

As Monsanto and DuPont buy into the big data game, farmers wonder if collecting all this data leaves them vulnerable to an "overall-clad Snowden."
Ben Richmond