Our Galaxy's Core Mysteriously Erupted With a Beam of Light, Scientists Say

The explosion stretched for hundreds of thousands of light years into space and “must have been a bit like a lighthouse beam,” researchers say in a new study.


Asteroid Dust Could Help Cool the Climate, Scientists Say

A new study links an asteroid collision to a cooling period and a burst of biodiversity 466 million years ago, and suggests that asteroid dust could help the climate crisis today.


Mysterious Clouds on Mars Formed by ‘Meteoric Smoke,’ Study Says

Scientists have identified a kind of cloud on Mars that has been neglected in past climate models.


John Barclay’s New Fantasy Techno EP Is Magical and Harrowing

The owner and operator of New York's Bossa Nova Civic Club merges “elf warfare music” and reality on ‘Naja Warfare,’ his new release as Liquid Soap.


Astronomers Peer at a Young Star System That Is Strikingly Similar to Our Own

DM Tau has its own asteroid belt, and may be developing its own versions of Earth and Neptune, too.


Toxic Black Snow Is Covering Towns in Siberia

“The future of our children is terrifying.”


College Dorm Rooms Carry a Hidden Cancer Risk

The dust bunnies are more like dust monsters.


Dust Isn't Just Gross, It's Full of Scary Stuff

Time to put your Swiffer Wet to work.


The City of Dust

Ahvaz is choking, and the Iranian government won't let researchers figure out why.


Short Film Swims the Depths of a Fully-Electric Future

A fish, a dream, and a neon look at the future.


The 25 Best Albums of 2016 So Far

The long-players that have been making our hearts beat faster, in no particular order.


ANOHNI, Robert Hood, and Dizzee Rascal Set for 2016 Edition of Red Bull Music Academy Festival New York

The program of live performances, workshops and lectures is packed with prime New York talent.