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How I Stayed Out of a Gang When My Dad Was Arrested

Selling drugs seemed like such an easy way to help your family with money. But I was small for my age and feared getting "jumped" as part of gang initiations.
New York Jets

Jets LB Dylan Donahue Goes Wrong Way Through Lincoln Tunnel, Crashes into Bus

Donahue was charged with DWI and reckless driving after causing the accident which injured four people.
Sean Newell

A Glitch in the Law Is Trapping Drunk Drivers in Jail Without Treatment

More than 170 people with DWI sentences of two years or more are serving their time in North Carolina jails with little or no access to help—or sunshine.
Joseph Neff
Self-Driving Under the Influence

Computer, I'm Drunk. Drive Me Home?

Australia's National Transport Commission argues fully self-driving cars shouldn’t be subject to DUI laws.
Daniel Oberhaus
jeremy jeffress

Rangers Pitcher Charged with DWI

Jeremy Jeffress was pulled over for changing lanes without signaling and almost hitting another car. Jeffress was so drunk he urinated on himself during the sobriety test.
Sean Newell
drinking and driving

Why Uber Isn't Helping America's Drunk Driving Problem

As ever, there are pesky researchers around to sober up corporations who are peddling a narrative that may or may not be bullshit.
Nick Rose

This Lady Is Suing the Cops for Letting Her Be a Wasted Mess

This New Jersey woman got blackout drunk at 7 AM, drove, and got arrested. But after the officers who booked her let her fall out of a chair multiple times, a court has ruled that she can actually sue them.
Hilary Pollack
officer involved

Lawsuit Over Nude Photos of DUI Victim Taken by Cook County Officers Goes to Court

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office faces a lawsuit over nude pictures of a 20-year-old woman taken by officers after she was killed in a drunk-driving crash.
officer involved

Louisiana Officer Gets Off after Drinking and Driving Police Car into Lake

Baton Rouge police officer refused to blow into breathalyzer for more than two hours after accident, then blew below the legal limit.

Different Ways To Infinity Is A Window Onto The Beyond

Combining chaos theory, complexity, and geometry Félix Luque Sanchez's latest installation guides viewers through an infinite realm.

Benoit Palop