Dwyane Wade


Kobe Bryant Wants You to Fuck Off for Reminding Him He's 40 Years Old

The Los Angeles Lakers legend had a little message for everyone getting up in his mentions on his 40th birthday.


Dwyane Wade Paid Surprise Visit to Stoneman Douglas, Students Loved It

The Miami Heat guard told a packed cafeteria at Stoneman Douglas, "I just wanted to come and say I'm inspired by all of you."


Dwyane Wade Dedicates Season to Parkland Victim Joaquin Oliver, Hits Game-Winner

Oliver was a big Miami Heat fan and was buried in Wade's jersey. Wade had Oliver's name written on his shoes and hit the game-winner against the 76ers.


NBA Dunk of the Week: Dwyane Wade is Guilty of Something

The play begins innocently enough: with Dwyane Wade seemingly about to plow into Marc Gasol in vintage D-Wade style.


Dwyane Wade Won't Be the Last NBA Veteran to Take a Buyout This Year

With Wade signing in Cleveland, here's a look at three more useful veterans who may be bought out later this season.


NBA Vacation Watch: 4th of July Freedom and Lonely Banana Boat Boys

With the nonstop speculations of the free agency moratorium finally over, we can get back to business: NBA Summer Vacation.


Rajon Rondo Has Some Interesting Thoughts for Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler

Rondo fired back at Butler and Wade after the duo called out the younger players on the team.


Where Do the Chicago Bulls Go From Here?

The Bulls have a 50-50 chance of making the playoffs at this point, and things will get worse next season. With a month to go until the trade deadline, should Chicago auction Jimmy Butler off to the highest bidder and start all over?


Old Man Dwyane Wade Still Knows How to Party

Wade and the Chicago Bulls celebrated his 35th birthday on Tuesday night with a loss to the 13-27 Dallas Mavericks. The night got better after the game.


Defying Logic, the Chicago Bulls Are Getting It Done: Adam Mares' NBA Wraparound

Chicago is a surprising NBA Eastern Conference contender. We take a closer look at how Jimmy Butler, Dwyane Wade, and the rest of the Bulls are making it work.


Breaking Down the 11 Types of NBA Nicknames, and Why Today's Need to Be Better

There are good basketball nicknames, and there are supremely lame basketball nicknames. All of us have a role in making sure that good triumphs.


Trump Tweets Out Pandering Message Regarding Dwyane Wade's Cousin's Death, Misspells Wade's Name

The incident drew the attention of GOP nominee Donald Trump, who tweeted out a message not to console Aldridge's family, but rather to tastelessly pander to black voters.