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White supremacist admits he wanted to start a race war by murdering a black man with a sword

James Jackson pleaded guilty on Wednesday to charges of murder, terrorism, and a hate crime.


A lot of white supremacists seem to have an Asian fetish

A lot of white supremacists seem to have a weird Asian fetish


Videos Show Confederate Flag Boosters in Florida Rallying to Banner's Defense

More than 4,500 people turned out for a "Florida Southern Pride Ride" to celebrate the beleaguered rebel symbol on Sunday.


Video Shows Confederate Flag Officially Being Removed from South Carolina's Capitol

Loud cheers could be heard from the crowd of thousands as an honor guard removed the flag during a ceremony on Friday.


'The Nation Shares Your Grief': President Obama Delivers Moving Eulogy For Rev. Clementa Pinckney

The president made his first visit to South Carolina since 21-year-old Dylann Roof open fired during an evening Bible study meeting at a Charleston church.


Apple Removed Games Featuring the Confederate Flag From the App Store

Apple has taken a stance in the nationwide debate over the flag.


We Asked a Lawyer if Dylann Roof Could Face Terrorism Charges

The things the alleged Charleston shooter reportedly said to his victims might give prosecutors cause to bust out the T-word.