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Gaming's Climate Dread in a 4K Streaming Ecosystem

Still preoccupied with whether they could, games and technology companies are still not stopping to think if they should.
Lewis Gordon
3 days ago
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EA Says Loot Boxes Are Just 'Surprise Mechanics'

'Fortnite' developer Epic Games told the House of Commons that it does not operate a 'sweatshop where managers are standing behind people with weapons forcing people to work.'
Matthew Gault
5 days ago
Video Games

'Anthem' Players Are Boycotting the Game to Bring Back a Bug that Made It Better

A bug brought a "lootshower" to 'Anthem,' and now players plan to boycott a game they already bought to bring it back.
Matthew Gault
Video Games

'Anthem' Is a Hot Mess

Three big reasons why BioWare's online mech shooter still feels like it's fighting the player just days before its February 22 wide release.
Jordan Pearson
Emanuel Maiberg

'Battlefield V' Players Are Using Shitty Graphics for a Competitive Edge

Forcing a competitive video game to render shitty graphics is cheating, and ‘Battlefield V’ is banning players for doing it.
Matthew Gault
Battlefield V

A Battlefield for Everyone, But Rarely at the Same Time

At its best, DICE's latest achieves moments of greatness, but it struggles to sustain them.
Rob Zacny

15 European Gambling Regulators Agree to Investigate If Loot Boxes Harm Children

Authorities from Spain, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Austria, Poland, Latvia and others signed the declaration.
Matthew Gault
Battlefield V

So Far, 'Battlefield V' Seems to Sand Away the Heart of 'Battlefield 1'

Following the 'Battlefield V' Closed Alpha, letting go of 'Battlefield 1' is a lot harder.
Rob Zacny

The Battlefield Subreddit Has Banned Complaining About 'Historical Accuracy'

“We're done, its over. New rule: No more bitching about historical accuracy, it's a game, not a history book. Violations will have consequences.”
Matthew Gault

We Talk EA's E3 Press Conference

On E3 Day -2, we talk Anthem, Battlefield V, Sea of Solitude, and EA hijinks.
Danielle Riendeau

We Answer Your E3 Questions, Such As: Is Microsoft Single Black Coffee?

Today on Waypoint Radio: our hopes and dreams for E3 2018
Danielle Riendeau

'Battlefield' Has Never Been Historically Accurate, That's Why It's Fun

Nothing says “realistic respect and honor” like rocket-jumping a boat over a building and bazooka-ing a jet in midair
Matthew Gault