East End

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Inside 'Hungama,' an LGBTQ+ Bollywood Night in an East London Strip Club

It's rare that South Asian clubbers can come together to celebrate queer culture, but this new night at Metropolis provides just that.
Salma Haidrani
First Dates

I Took Kate Nash to an East End Pool Club on a First Date

And we mainly spoke about mushrooms, the internet and astrology.
Daisy Jones

Gastropubs Are Killing London Darts Culture

A third of central London pubs have either removed their dartboard or closed altogether—something remaining landlords say is down to the “gastrification” of pubs. “It’s been more than decimated. People get more money out of food,” says darts fan Justin...
Luke Slater

Anarchists Smashed the Windows of East London's Crappy New Jack the Ripper Museum

People are not happy with the new museum about a notorious murderer, which was originally supposed to be a museum celebrating the women of London's east end.
Chris Low

One of East London's Last Non-Yuppie Markets Could Soon Disappear

The Waste market in Dalston is the last of its kind in an East End that's changed beyond all recognition. Now, its future is uncertain.
Philip Kleinfeld

Twelve Years of Excess in London's East End

Dougie Wallace has been taking pictures of the people in Shoreditch—ruining themselves and everything around them—for nearly 12 years.
Joel Golby

London's Dining Scene Is Killing Off Jellied Eel Shops

Jellied eels have long been an emblem of London's working class cuisine at pie and mash shops—but now they're being replaced by hip restaurants that threaten to put them out of business for good. Apparently, jelly is so last century.
Maya Oppenheim

Huang's World: London, Part 2

Eddie takes us around the East End to have breakfast with former gangster Dave Courtney, get romantic with a sexy British photographer, and discuss the global phenomenon of "hipsterdom."
Eddie Huang