Easter sunday


Fireworks and Pipe Bombs: How Greek Towns Celebrate Easter

On the island of Chios, rival parishes launch makeshift rockets at each other, while on Andros, iron pipes filled with gunpowder blow up right next to the Easter procession.
Nafsika Mavromoustakou
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Farmer Accuses Revelers of Decapitating Lamb During Illegal Rave

The revelers deny the allegation, and police say there is no evidence they did it.
Alexander Iadarola

British Hospitals Are Being Flooded with People Who Ate Too Many Easter Eggs

In a Facebook status shared on Easter Sunday, the South Tees Hospitals trust said that it had seen an influx of people at its accident and emergency departments with “stomach aches caused by overindulgence.”
Phoebe Hurst

Photos of an Easter Bunny Meltdown

Happy Easter! Here are some GIFs of classic holiday treats having literal meltdowns.
Elizabeth Renstrom
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A Louisiana Pastor Is Sealing Himself in a Coffin to Recreate the Easter Resurrection in '3D'

"It's going to be just like you're there," says Bishop Rickey Moore.
Helen Donahue

We Watched Devout Christians Crucify Jesus Near a Sports Retailer in London

The reenactment of the crucifixion looked a little different from the one that happened in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago.
Hani Richter

Venezuelan Protesters Replace Judas With Maduro and Burn Him at Easter

Both anti- and pro-government demonstrators swapped the traditional burning Judas effigy for likenesses of political leaders in Venezuela.
Olivia Becker