eastern conference finals


Boston's Bench Gives Celtics a Puncher's Chance Against LeBron James

The Celtics are heavy underdogs in the Eastern Conference Finals, but their rising depth could give the defending champions a headache.


The Ottawa Senators Are Worse Than Watching Your Parents Have Sex

Ottawa got to the conference finals by playing a methodical, defensive style that is not pleasing to watch, but it works for them.


The Raptors Lost, But Drake Remains the Thirstiest (Insert Team Here) Fan Imaginable

We're talking Sub Sahara in July, no camel-level shit right here.


The Raptors Are Daring the Cavaliers to Shoot, and It's Working

Toronto has tied the NBA Eastern Conference Finals at 2-2 by protecting the paint and letting the previously scorching Cleveland Cavaliers miss open three-pointers. Can the Cavs find their strokes in Game 5?


Referees Had to Eject a Fan Because Raptors Fans Were All Over Them Last Night

The Toronto crowd gave the referees a hard time last night.


The Cavs Got Held Up at Customs on the Way to Toronto

Pretty convenient that customs agents in Toronto wouldn't let the Cavaliers through.


Cavs Dancers Steal the Show from Stephen A. Smith with Videobomb

These guys had almost as much fun dancing as the Cleveland Cavaliers did obliterating the Toronto Raptors.


LeBron James Tried to End A Rim's Life On Tuesday

LeBron is a powerful human being.


Bismack Biyombo's Dirty Work Has Gotten Toronto This Far

Bismack Biyombo is a backup big who can't shoot, and an unlikely postseason hero. But his rebounding and defense dragged Toronto to the Eastern Conference Finals.


What Was Kyle Korver?

Kyle Korver had a breakout season at the age of 34, which is a thing that doesn't happen. A lot of that was his work paying off, but a changing NBA helped, too.