City Guide

The 12 Best Cheap Eats in New York

New Yorkers can find a lot to complain about, but a lack of cheap food isn't one of them.
Munchies Staff
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10 Ways to Make Your Turkey the Best Thing on the Table

From sticky-rice-stuffed to Rockwellian AF, these recipes will make you fall back in love with the bird.
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Ice Cream

Meet the Man Who Introduced Persian Ice Cream to Los Angeles

It wasn't easy to get Angelenos used to Mashti Malone's rosewater sorbet with rice noodles. Almost 40 years later, Mashti Shirvani now makes 1,000 gallons of Persian ice cream every day.
Javier Cabral
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These Delicious Peppermint Patties Are the Perfect Weekend Project for Lazy People

In about the same time it takes for you to regain your composure and sobriety, you’ve got an impressive stack of cool, sweet, rich chocolate peppermint patties.
Becky Hughes

A Beginner's Guide to All of the Amazing Fruit in Colombia

How to navigate produce in a country that grows just about everything.
Aaron Kase
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This Japanese Curry Bowl Is Weeknight Dinner Magic

Braised lamb shoulder with pickled papaya, cilantro, roasted vegetables, and rice is probably the most delicious way to eat a seriously balanced meal.
Munchies Staff
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The Best Way to Cook a Whole Damn Fish

You're going to feel like such a boss when you bust out a silver tray with a big, beautiful, salt-crusted bass.
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Making Your Own Salmon Gravlax Is Stupid-Easy and Cheap, Too

This flavorful, simple homemade cured salmon recipe is a year-round treat.
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This Guy Gets Paid Thousands of Dollars to Slice Ham

Spanish cortador de jamones Florencio Sanchidrián has cut ham for everyone from the King of Spain to Robert De Niro, and considers himself an ambassador for his country’s Iberian ham.
Gareth May
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11 Breakfast Sandwiches that Will Make You Want to Get Out of Bed

Way more motivating than toast.
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Matty Matheson's Cheesy Broccoli Potatoes Are a Dreamy Winter Dinner

Call them a vegetable dish, but these epic potatoes are loaded with cheese, butter, and lardons.
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Why Is Brooklyn Barbecue Taking Over the World?

Brooklyn BBQ is spreading to every corner of the world—Colombia, Spain, Panama, Sweden, England, and Japan—looking like it came straight out of Williamsburg. But why aren't these countries taking cues from Texas or Kansas City?
Nicholas Gill