Eating Disorders


Too Many Gay Men Still Hate Their Bodies

Why body dysmorphia and unhealthy body image issues continue to run rampant in the gay community.
Jack Hobbs

How My Dad's Toxic Masculinity Gave Me an Eating Disorder

"Handsome Man," he'd call himself. That's what being a man meant to him—looking good.
Penny Bringham

Does Gay Porn Make You Hate Your Body?

In a new study, researchers establish a pretty direct link between gay porn consumption and body dysmorphia.
Steven Blum

We Asked Men About Their Eating Disorders

I've wrestled with an eating disorder, on and off, since I was a teenager, and while in my life I've known other men who have struggled with food, we've rarely talked about it.
Graham Isador
so sad today

What if I Never Live My Best Life?

When I say "I'M FUCKED UP!" in a way that embraces where I am (and where other people are as well), I'm not creating an advertisement for fucked-upness or trying to convert anyone. I'm reporting from the trenches.
So Sad Today

'Hungry,' Today's Comic by Ida Eva Neverdahl

Lulu Lulusen develops an eating disorder and then conquers it with the help of her eating disorder group in a ten-page epic.
Ida Eva Neverdahl

I Inherited My Anorexic Mother's Fear of Food

If I ate breakfast one day, I wasn't allowed to eat until lunch the next, and then dinner the following. With swollen cheeks, I feared blood on my toothbrush. It never felt as if I got "everything" out.
Rose Thomas
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Eating Gives Me Anxiety and Not Eating Gives Me Anxiety

Lately, I feel that the way I've lived for years—in hyperconscious, hypervigilant awareness of everything I put in my mouth—no longer serves to quell my depression and anxiety. It actually exacerbates it.
So Sad Today

How My Diabetes Gave Me An Eating Disorder

For Type 1 diabetics, restricting insulin is like a magic bullet for weight loss. But the consequences can be devastating and deadly.
Helena Busiakiewicz

The Teens Using Instagram Hashtags to Glorify Suicide

Ana, Annie, Bella, Deb, Mia, Perry, Sue, and Sophie aren't real girls. They're abbreviations for mental health issues and eating disorders used by teenagers looking to band together through personal stories on Instagram.
Nadja Brenneisen

The Mental Health Warriors of Instagram

The community serves as a place to help and support each other through whatever problems its members are dealing with, from dissociative identity disorder to eating disorders.
Georgia Bronte
The Crown and Sceptre Issue

I Hired a Millennial Life Coach

I wanted to know why so many people in their 20s are entering the multibillion-dollar, nebulously defined life-coaching industry.
Amanda Shapiro