Eating dogs

    • 10.7.14

      Dog Days of Yulin

      In part two of Dog Days of Yulin, VICE attends a family feast to eat some home-cooked pup. As one Yulin local explains, "Some dogs are people's friends, and others are for food. In India, cows are sacred. If you eat cow in England, all of...

    • 10.6.14

      Dog Days of Yulin

      Southern China has always had a tradition of dining on dogs—people from other parts of the country even joke that Southerners will eat anything with legs but the dinner table.

    • 7.16.14

      Underappreciated Masterpieces: J. G. Ballard’s 'High Rise'

      I was sold on High Rise (1975) after the first ten words: “Later, as he sat on his balcony eating the dog…”

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    • 6.24.14

      Activists Couldn't Stop 10,000 Dogs from Being Eaten Last Weekend in China

      While the rest of China continues to debate the morality of putting dog meat on their plates, it’s clear that for Yulin residents no puppy-dog eyes are going to stop them having their banquet.

    • 1.31.13

      I Ate a Dog in Hanoi

      The first thing that struck me was the sheer chewiness. Ten gabbers on MDMA couldn't work up the gum power between them to gnaw through a chunk of this stuff in less than two minutes. What had started as a harmless foray into local tradition had...