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Matcha Conchas Taste Just as Amazing as They Sound

Matcha conchas are something beautiful to behold, being equally suitable for a droolworthy, close-up cameo in a Miyazaki film and a Chavo del Ocho episode. They are cloud-like in texture and barely sweet.
Javier Cabral

Psychic Love's Laura Peters Plays Like a Girl

We spoke with the LA DIY entrepreneur and bandleader about depression, disco balls, and her debut LP 'The Hive Mind.' Stream it in full on Noisey ahead of its Friday release.
Artemis Thomas-Hansard
food trucks

LA Food Trucks Are Delicious But Dirty, According to Health Inspectors

In Los Angeles, where food trucks have become a staple, the challenges of feeding people from tiny, travelling kitchens has become a health issue.
Nick Rose
Los Angeles

How Arcade Games Gave a Second Life to My Dead Restaurant

I don’t know if Starry Kitchen would have ever come back if it wasn’t for this concept. Our food—and my banana suit chef antics—goes perfectly with everything that Button Mash stands for.
Nguyen Tran

PREMIERE: Get Weird with Psychic Love's Surreal Video for "Nancy"

Inspired by true crime shows, the LA dream grunge project is serving Nancy Sinatra meets David Bowie meets a restraining order.
Andrea Domanick
Bánh mì

This Electronic Band May Have Just Found the Best Vegan Banh Mi in Los Angeles

"The bread is always fresh, usually even warm, with the perfect ratio of crunch to softness. This banh mi is nothing fancy. Plus they have two very legit fake meat options and vegan mayo."
Aly Comingore

Into the Wild: Julia Holter Conquers the Unknown

The LA composer latest work explores the terrifying and beautiful expanse of human relationships with her latest record 'Have You in My Wilderness.'
Emilee Lindner
electronic pop

Goldroom Is a Beach-Tinted Songwriter, But Don’t Label Him Tropical House

"I could write a song that's as good as 'Free Fallin'' or 'Wonderwall,' then I can die happy."
Rachael D’Amore

Catlips Turns Chela's 'Handful of Gold' into a Bucketful of Rad

Get your spirit fingers ready for this Casiotone thrift-store 80s pop diva.
Jemayel Khawaja
Motherboard Blog

Video: Computer Jay Programmed a Robot to Rap

Premiering Computer Jay's "Binary Fix," featuring the programmable rap robot, Moogodore 2600.
Daniel Stuckey

The Zen Of Snoop Lion: Fight For Justice In The Chillmaster's New Game

Snoop Lion and Echo Peak gaming studio have collaborated on a new martial-arts inspired combat video game featuring the Snoop himself as your very own Zen master Sensai.
Nicole Disser