The 2019 Game Rush Is Here and We're Already Struggling to Keep Up

'Resident Evil 2' and 'Ace Combat 7' are here already, 'Kingdom Hearts III' is right around the corner, and another half dozen post-apocalyptic action games are knocking down the door. Where do we start?
Waypoint Staff

Dying Is Pretty Bad for the Environment

New evidence shows that cremation may be worse for us than we thought. Which doesn't leave a whole lot of options if you're aiming for a green death.
Wendy Syfret

The Food-Focused USA Pavilion At Expo Milano Will Be An Eco Haven

Biber Architects are building vertical farms, rainwater irrigation systems, and tons of food trucks for the sustainability-focused Expo. You won't leave hungry.
Zach Sokol

6,000 Plastic Bottles And LEDs Used To Make Glowing Labyrinth In Poland

Spanish art collective, Luzinterruptus, worked with a polish bottling plant to create an urban light installation you can literally get lost in.
Matthew James Clarke
Motherboard Blog

The 5 Best Articles About Why We Love Writing Lists

The Mayan calendar didn't destroy the world, but this list of lists about lists just might open up the black hole that does.
Austin Considine

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

Eco-horror has been around forever, and the premise propelling the genre couldn’t be simpler or more primal: Man tampers with nature—or worse, ruins nature—and nature bitch slaps man. But over the years, we’ve been methodically downsizing our eco...
Brian Merchant
Motherboard Blog

Poop-Eating Worms Power the Eco-Toilets of the Future

We’ve got seven billion people on this planet, and a whole lot more coming. While we worry about where all those people are going to live, and what they’re going to eat and drink, it’s not often that we think about where they’re going to poop.
Derek Mead