Ed Piskor

    • 12.24.14

      Our Top 11 Comics of 2014

      Featuring Jonny Negron, Jesse Moynihan, Gilbert Hernandez, Dick Briefer, and more.

    • 10.30.14

      The Creator of 'Hip Hop Family Tree' Talks Rap History and Comics

      Ed Piskor is in the middle of putting out a comic-book history of hip-hop that is pretty much the best history of hip-hop anyone's ever done.

    • 3.16.14

      X-Men: Simulation City (Graphic Novel)

      Comic book superstar Ed Piskor has illustrated American Splenor comics and designed characters for Adult Swim's Mongo Wrestling Alliance. He's pretty much the shit, so when he told us about a comic book he drew when he was a kid, we were...