Family Food: Swagath Gourmet

In the premiere episode of Family Food, we head to Swagath Gourmet, a South Indian restaurant run by the Iyengar family in Edison, New Jersey.


Why More Blood Is Still Better When It Comes to Medical Tests

Getting enough data has historically been difficult when performing tests on small samples of blood.


Meet the Men Who Attend New Jersey Porn Conventions

Everyone knows the porn stars who work at porn conventions, but who are the men selling dildos at booths and paying to attend the events? We sent photographer Amy Lombard to the Exxxotica Expo in Edison, New Jersey, to find out.


This Wearable Transmits Touch Between Mothers and Their Newborn Babies

The Creators Project introduces Babybe, the bionic device that transmits a mother's touch to infants in incubation machines.


This Smart Jersey Gives You A Players'-Eye-View Of The Big Game

Introducing First V1sion, the jersey with an integrated camera and biometric sensors.


A Dispatch from the Biggest Sex Convention in the United States

Two weekends ago, amid a vast array of the Garden State's finest parking lots, the seventh annual Exxxotica Convention, billed as the "largest event in the US dedicated to love and sex," commenced at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center in...


3 Grainy GIFs And The Wealth Of Cinematic History Behind Them (Or How Edison Invented The Cat Video)

We look into the stories behind some GIFs made from films of important historical and artistic merit.


ConEd Worker Whose Home Was Hit By Sandy: "We're In Deep Shit"

The company has now said that power to the island should be restored by Saturday, though some parts of the city would have to wait until mid-November.


The Phone-Charging Bonfire of Blackout New York City

In the lobby, a family of New Yorkers was worrying, praying, reading, and waiting too. The reprieve they sought was quick, temporary, but essential. They needed a charge.


Watch Japanese Acrobats Tumble in This Film by Thomas Edison

This short was published by Thomas Edison’s film company in 1904, and shows a Japanese man flipping a boy around in the air with his feet in front of a background that looks like a virtual reality version of a Roman-themed acid trip.


Watch Dogs Turn into Sausages (and Back Again) in Thomas Edison's 1904 Film "Dog Factory"

_Videodrome is Motherboard's weekly look at the weird old archival footage lurking around the web. Check out old posts "here":http://motherboard.vice.com/search/posts?keyword=videodrome&commit=Search._ I'm not going to wade into the Thomas Edison vs...


Topsy: Edison's Failed and Disturbing Power Grab

You know who sucks? Thomas Edison. 'Ol boy is arguably the most undeserving "inventor" in American world history. Don't believe me? Not only is Edison believed to have lifted plans for his most famous reveal, the light bulb, from his...