EFF Hits AT&T With Class Action Lawsuit for Selling Customers’ Location to Bounty Hunters

The lawsuit, which comes after multiple Motherboard investigations into phone location data selling, is seeking an injunction against AT&T which would try to enforce the deletion of any sold data.
Joseph Cox
2 days ago

86 Organizations Demand Zuckerberg to Improve Takedown Appeals

Facebook is heeding criticism for its content takedown and account deactivation appeals process, which was initiated alongside the company’s expanding content moderation practices.
Caroline Haskins

How a Horrible Invasion of Inmates’ Privacy Led to This Ridiculous Photo

In an unusual response to concerns raised by a nonprofit, the researchers decided to model themselves.
Kaleigh Rogers

Congress Enacts Garbage Surveillance Legislation By Attaching it to Must-Pass Budget Bill

The CLOUD Act is highly unpopular, but it passed, because Congress is dysfunctional.
Jason Koebler
Internet Insecurity

Lebanese Government Hackers Hit Thousands of Victims With Incredibly Simple Campaign

Security researchers uncover several years-long espionage and hacking campaigns, pinpointing them to a specific building in Beirut, Lebanon.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
net neutrality

The FCC Just Killed Net Neutrality—Now What?

For net neutrality advocates, the next phase in this fight has only just begun.
Kaleigh Rogers

Major Tech Companies Have Stopped Fighting an Internet Sex Trafficking Bill

SESTA brings the clash between censorship and accountability online to the forefront of US politics.
Daniel Oberhaus
Face ID

We Asked 6 Privacy and Legal Experts About Apple’s New Face ID

Here’s an answer to every question you have about Apple’s latest innovation.
Louise Matsakis
State of Surveillance

ACLU and EFF Sue Trump Administration Over Cell Phone Searches at the Border

10 US citizens who have had their electronic devices searched are suing the Department of Homeland Security.
Jason Koebler
The Law

Supreme Court Hints That Trump Can’t Legally Block You on Twitter

Is the president’s Twitter feed a public forum?
Louise Matsakis
humans of the year

The EFF’s Eva Galperin Keeps Activists Safe Online

The director of cybersecurity wants activists to remember to celebrate their wins.
Corin Faife
Leaving the Nest

Smart Meter Data Is 'Intimate' and Deserves Privacy, Activists Argue

The EFF and Privacy International claim that when collected in aggregate, smart meter data can show when a person wakes up, goes to work, and clocks-out for the night.
Joseph Cox